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We combine leading industry experience from a client, consulting, service provider and Information Technology perspective.  Our core members have a global Offshoring, Nearshoring and Outsourcing perspective with cultural awareness across all geographies and continents.

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  • Industry leading experience and networks in Business Transformation and Offshoring / Outsourcing. Considerate strategist and disciplined executor against delivery targets.

  • Proven leader with global Managing Director roles in the banking industry and as a Swiss Army Colonel (General Staff).

  • His most recent role working for UBS includes heading the Sourcing function and being the UBS India Delivery lead for Group Finance working for three years from Chennai, IN.

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  • Global data, risk & finance career at UBS mainly working for the IT department.

  • Led integration of various banking mergers.

  • Inspired global organisations with 800+ people.

  • Consulted on Business Transformation and ONO.

  • Built several professional service companies.

  • Sold “Data Warehousing as a Service” in 2010.

  • Grew Integration Alpha from 4 to 60 FTE + profits in three years.

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