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Offshoring, Nearshoring, Outsourcing (ONO)

ONOC Advisory excels in three areas

We provide experience and independent expertise to companies in high cost locations seeking for opportunities to transform their business, save costs and concentrate on the core parts of their business.

We consult service providers on the do's and don'ts in their interaction with companies looking for the adequate ONO third party partner organization.

We engage for specific assignments with consulting firms whenever our expertise can add value in the ONO space.

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Complementing this offering, we introduce with ONOC 9+1 a comprehensive new approach developed for companies looking for a partner taking on the responsibility for the management of all aspects of ONO over the lifecycle of a contract with an external service provider. For this purpose we developed the concepts of Virtual Consulting as a Service (VCaaS), unique and the first of its kind in the consulting industry. Clients will receive access to integrated knowledge, experience an interactive way of work with digital touch points and get overall improved consulting quality at lower costs.


Transform your Business and Save Costs

Concentrating mainly on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and the full suite of administrative processes you can expect advice with respect to all aspects of business transformation and ONO.

  • For new clients it starts with an identification of the problem areas, the assessment of the opportunity and the creation of the client business case to then further include elements such as the support on the creation of the contract with a service provider. 

  • For companies in an existing relationship with a service provider an independent assessment of current pain points such as missing delivery quality, cultural disconnects or governance issues can form the specific areas of the engagement. Bespoke advice can be complemented by introducing the client to the ONOC 9+1 model which covers the whole lifecylce of ONO.

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Link Service Provision to the Needs of Potential Clients

When trying to gain new clients, third party service providers are often looking for independent references and testimonials. As ONOC advisory's experience includes in-depth knowledge about the success factors of a qualitative and sustainable interaction from a client perspective, we can give prospect clients a sound and reliable view about the capabilities in the ONO industry and the specific offering of the service provider in question. In most of the cases such an unbiased reference forms a decisive element for the service provider when trying to win a deal. 

In addition, service providers can benefit from ONOC's own client networks and become part of our list of preferred service providers along the ONOC 9+1 value proposition. 


Get access to convincing expertise when advising clients

Consultants in the area of business transformation and ONO often find themselves in situations, where hands-on work experience and real-life expertise has to complement their own advisory. How to select the right partner, build a sound risk and control framework around the engagement, deal with cultural issues when arising, handle higher than expected attrition rates on the side of the service provider or address and rectify irregularities and escalations in the area of service delivery? All of these and further aspects can be addressed and resolved with the help of ONOC Advisory.

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The Future of ONO Consulting with ONOC AG

Companies situated in high cost location and struggling with cost pressure and business transformation can in addition fully benefit from ONOC AG's service offering. ONOC assumes complete process responsibility for the entire lifecycle of business transformation with a prime focus on ONO. This starts with the assessment of the opportunity, covers business case, partner selection and contracting with the third party service provider, includes the complete implementation and ongoing quality assurance during the entire duration of the contract between the parties and features elements of strategic transformation such as Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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ONOC’s partner network includes some of the world leading and renowned companies with offices and delivery capability across the globe including Switzerland, where ONOC is headquartered. The role ONOC plays is unique and a key differentiator in the following areas:

  • Introduction of the 9+1 steps process model with no competitor offering a similar product.

  • Target client group tier 2 and 3 companies globally usually not in the scope of big scale consulting advice.

  • Platform based digital advice accounts for up to 90% of the service provision of traditional consulting and significantly reduces the bill for clients.

  • Unbiased choice for clients who can select from an array of world leaders in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provision ONOC partners with.

  • Role of general contractor on behalf of the onshore client managing the entire transformation process.

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"Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skilful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better."

Harry S. Truman

33rd U.S. President

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